Monday, June 27, 2011

Changing Minds On Marriage Equality

So David Frum is no longer opposed to marriage equality.  His piece makes me think two things:

1.) I can't believe New damn York is going to get credit for leading on this issue over California.  We did it first, we just did it badly and it got undid. Sort of. So far. Also, somewhere, Gavin Newsom is making a small voodoo doll of Andrew Cuomo and muttering "leader on marriage equality? HE'S a leader on marriage equality?  2004, much, Cuomo? Please don't steal my White House."  I have this same sort of anger over a possible seriously-treated Michelle Bachmann presidential campaign.  Because if the GOP lands a woman in the White House before the Dems, so help me God . . . .

2.) Frum, noting the slowing trend of dissolving families, writes:

What's new and different in the past 20 years is the collapse of the Hispanic immigrant family. First-generation Latino immigrants maintain traditional families: conservative values, low divorce rates, high fertility and -- despite low incomes -- mothers surprisingly often at home with the children.

But the second-generation Latino family looks very different. In the new country, old norms collapse. Nearly half of all children born to Hispanic mothers are now born out of wedlock.

Whatever is driving this negative trend, it seems more than implausible to connect it to same-sex marriage. How would it even work that a 15-year-old girl in Van Nuys, California, becomes more likely to have a baby because two men in Des Moines, Iowa, can marry?
Which to me indicates something that should be apparent to everyone: we're our own enemy. "We" being dominant American culture.  It's not the gays. It's not the dirty immigrants. It's us.  There's something wrong with our mores or institutions or paradigms or whatever you'd like to call these decaying values - values embodied in public policy - that are to blame. 

When immigrant communities begin to assimilate - as all immigrant communities do, over time - and through that process they lose what we identify as positive attributes we should take note and look at our own problems, not seek to build walls that will only seal in what's wrong.

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