Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tap Tap, Is This Thing On?

I've been a bit busy lately tending to my offspring. But more on that later. In fact, probably a whole 'nother site on that later - once I sort out Blogger's no-more-FTP business. Because I have time to migrate a bunch of websites. Whatevs.

In the meantime, you might have noticed there's this whole statewide election thing going down right now - or soon. The upside of maternity leave is much more time in front of the tube. The downside, however, is the truly awful number of political advertisments I must watch - for one candidate in particular. Getting through an episode of Jeopardy is very difficult.

There won't be any commentary on that race here, however, as much as that pains the holy living hell out of me. It doesn't take a tremendous amount of thought to predict what I'd be saying, of course, but I like to think I say it so much more entertainingly than other similarly-minded folks. Oh well.

So I'll toss out a placeholder complaint about the Prop 16 ads: Thanks so much, PG&E for protecting my right to vote on municipal entries into the electricity market. I just didn't know you cared. I'm touched.

Why do people sign any initiative petitions? Why do people vote for them? Not. Democracy. Y'all.