Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is It Worth It To Grasp The Third Rail With Both Hands?

There's been a crushing dearth of political or policy content 'round these parts lately. Oh, not for lack of my thinking about issues. Not for lack of all sorts of important state news and national events. All the juicy races about which I'd like to comment, well, not going to happen right now - except to say that it must be fabulously easy to call for massive cuts in welfare and to promise to lay-off 40,000 people when you can spend $100M trying to get yourself a new job (ahem).

But there's been something on my mind for these past thirty-something weeks. Abortion.

No, duh, not having one - just the topic of abortion. It's such a sticky thicket at the best of times but seems especially so right now. After all, what would people think about a pregnant lady's views? And if I said those views were more ardently pro-choice than ever before, would those already against abortion see my views as all the more monstrous given my current state?

Then again, if pregnancy automatically changed women's views on abortion, then it probably wouldn't be such a hot topic, right?

So here's the short version of what I've been thinking lately:

Nothing made me more ardently pro-choice than becoming pregnant and carrying my child to term (well, I hope to term, not quite there yet). Now that I know exactly what it means to be pregnant, I understand more clearly than I could've thought possible that I have NO RIGHT to require anyone else to carry a pregnancy. This shit is hard and this commitment is monumental. The moral implications of abortion are for each woman to decide and I'm happy to fight in favor of whatever laws protect her right to do so.

Also - and, importantly - it is absolutely wrong to argue, as Sarah Palin does, "the culture of life empowers women by offering them real choices." What choices are those? Best I can tell, a choice between natural child birth and an epidural and not much else.


Catherine said...

Amen. For a lot of us, being pregnant simply sucks, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone not hoping to be rewarded with a baby in the end. Every day I have to make selfless (often annoying) choices to ensure that this baby is healthy. If I didn't want to keep the baby, what would motivate me to make those choices? I realize now just how much burden we place on women when we blithely suggest that they should just give their baby up for adoption instead of aborting. Not so simple, folks. I will never again accept that argument from anyone who has not carried and delivered a child.

Anonymous said...

I can only pray that when you hold your young child in your hands you will realize what a heinous evil you have just been promoting. No one, even a mother, has the right to tear her child from limb to limb.

Under your line of reasoning, personhood starts at birth, and until then, we can throw the "fetal tissue" to the dogs.

There is no valid argument for the right to an abortion that could not also be applied to infanticide. Chlidren require sacrifices from their parents in both pre-natal and post-natal stages.