Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's My March Madness: TV Awards Season!

The Emmy nominees were announced today. The biggest snub? No nom for Cat Deeley of SYTYCD. Booo! She's so good at hosting! The show should get a nom too, but whatever.

Let's move on to the interesting stuff - comedy and writing nominations. Another huge year for 30 Rock - with nods in most comedy categories and a near lock on the writing award with 4 episodes nominated (Mamma Mia, Apollo,Apollo, Reunion, and Kidney Now). A lone Flight of the Concords ep rounds out the category.

Speaking of writing, however, what's up with the late night writers? How very . . . male they all are. I'll highlight the names of writers below who, from name only, seem to be or could be female:
Late Night With Conan O'Brien • NBC • Broadway Video, NBC Studios, Conaco
Mike Sweeney, Head Writer
Chris Albers, Writer (but not likely)
Jose Arroyo, Writer
Dan Cronin, Writer
Kevin Dorff, Writer
Andres du Bouchet, Writer
Michael Gordon, Writer
Berkley Johson, Writer
Brian Kiley, Wrter
Todd Levin, Writer
Brian McCann, Writer
Guy Nicolucci, Writer
Conan O'Brien, Writer
Matt O'Brien, Writer
Brian Stack, Writer
Andrew Weinberg, Writer

Late Show With David Letterman • CBS • Worldwide Pants Incorporated
Eric Stangel, Head Writer
Justin Stangel, Head Writer
Michael Barrie, Writer
Jim Mulholland, Writer
Steve Young, Writer
Tom Ruprecht, Writer
Lee Ellenberg, Writer
Matt Roberts, Writer
Jeremy Weiner, Writer
Joe Grossman, Writer
Bill Scheft, Writer
Bob Borden, Writer
Frank Sebastiano, Writer
David Letterman, Writer

Saturday Night Live • NBC • SNL Studios in association with NBC Studios and Broadway Video
Seth Meyers, Head Writer
Doug Abeles, Writer
James Anderson, Writer
Alex Baze, Writer
Jessica Conrad, Writer
James Downey, Writer
Steve Higgins, Writer
Colin Jost, Writer
Erik Kenward, Writer
Rob Klein, Writer
John Lutz, Writer
Lorne Michaels, Writer
John Mulaney, Writer
Paula Pell, Writer
Simon Rich, Writer
Marika Sawyer, Writer
Akiva Schaffer, Writer
John Solomon, Writer
Emily Spivey, Writer
Kent Sublette, Writer
Jorma Taccone, Writer
Bryan Tucker, Writer

The Colbert Report • Comedy Central • Hello Doggie, Inc. with Busboy Productions and Spartina Productions
Stephen Colbert, Writer
Allison Silverman, Writer
Richard Dahm, Writer
Michael Brumm, Writer
Rob Dubbin, Writer
Opus Moreschi, Writer
Peter Gwinn, Writer
Jay Katsir, Writer
Frank Lesser, Writer
Tom Purcell, Writer
Glenn Eichler, Writer
Peter Grosz, Writer
Barry Julien, Writer
Meredith Scardino, Writer

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart • Comedy Central • Central Productions, LLC
Steve Bodow, Head Writer
Jon Stewart, Writer
David Javerbaum, Writer
Josh Lieb, Writer
Rory Albanese, Writer
Kevin Bleyer, Writer
Jason Ross, Writer
Tim Carvell, Writer
John Oliver, Writer
Sam Means, Writer
Rob Kutner, Writer
J.R. Havlan, Writer
Rich Blomquist, Writer
Wyatt Cenac, Writer
Elliott Kalan, Writer
Rachel Axler, Writer
Wow. WriterFail for most aside from SNL. Some credit to the Comedy Central programs. To my memory - Letterman is the greatest offender as I know this is at least the third year with no credited female writers. Conan? I expect better. WTF, guys?

More on other categories later.

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