Monday, July 13, 2009

Here Are Some Super Stupid Ways For Palin To Rationalize Her Super Stupid Decision

This lady's advice frequently strikes me as demonstrative of everything wrong with the current generation of blog-thought driven media and culture. A new high point: how Palin's resignation inspires Penelope Trunk. Especially stupid: the notion that ideas rather than experience or knowledge is what matters. It's a PR, big thinkin' world, y'all, and we're just living in it!

People are hired based on their qualifications and skills, both of which are demonstrated on their resumes, which give concrete examples of how they employ said skills. It's not enough to just have ideas. What the hell have you done with these ideas? Anything? Do they work? Can they work? Ever tried to make them work? And Trunk says that putting in hours gathering knowledge isn't important anymore? Oh come on, lady. In a pinch, sure, you can get away with knowing where to FIND the information you need, but we live in a short media-cycle world. Even in Trunk's fantasy land, you're better off knowing something than having to waste time looking it up.

And I expect my upper level leaders to, like, know stuff, take pride in knowing stuff, not be afraid to learn new stuff, etc.

Palin made a immature decision on par with a junior high kid who, mad at the school or a teacher, writes up a petition and gets classmates to sign it. Yeah, that's something I did in junior high. Because I was in junior high. I now know that's a pointless waste of time. So is walking off in a huff and making a point with a stomp of your foot. Grow up, Sarah Palin. Wake up, Penelope Trunk.

(Did I mix plurals and singulars above? I hate that. But it's that kind of day.)

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