Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Food For Feminist Thought

From an article on Maria Shriver:
[Shriver] said that after years of mulling whether to seek political office, such a move isn't suited to her goal of encouraging activism and volunteerism among women across the nation.
What do we think of that statement, team.


Ms. Hazelstein said...

I think this is more a sad statement on public office and politics than on feminism. I can't say I don't agree with her. Why would a capable, ambitious woman make all the sacrifices associated with public office (including significant time away from family) AND open herself to juvenile, vile scorn for consultant-contrived controversies, when she could accomplish just as much in other ways? I think the gender overlay is that guys let their egos get in the way and as a result make the often non-rational decision to run for office any way.

Ms. Hazelstein said...

This is NOT to say that women shouldn't run for office. For god's sake, more of them should. I'm just saying Maria's got a could possibly get more done from the outside. Perhaps women suffer from being too rational?