Thursday, July 09, 2009

Do I Feel About Texas's Justice System The Way Other States Feel About Cali's Finance System?

And doesn't that still put Cali on a higher moral ground than Texas? Like, for instance, in this case. Here, an 18 year old with the mental capacity of a second grader, and no history of anything bad, was caught by a neighbor fondling her 6 year old stepson. Yes, without question, that's a heinous thing to happen to a child. The DA called it a "violent" sexual offense - but there's no other evidence in the article as to what made it violent or how violent it was. Dude had a crap lawyer who never even called a witness on the kid's disabilities. And the judge stacked the sentences he received for the 5 criminal counts. Three 30-year sentences and two 5-year ones. That's 100 years.

For a kid with an IQ of 47.

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