Wednesday, June 03, 2009

This Guy Is Twee-ing His Definition Of Twee

Which I don't even think is historically accurate, is it? He's adopting the urban dictionary, alt.definition of twee, compared to what I'd always understood it to be. Twee is lots of flowers and lace and precious things and cutesy and busy and, again, floral. I've not heard twee used on the kind of thing described here: the calculated indie cues that say "this movie is DEEP, so get ready." For a time, the mere presence of Zach Braff could indicate such, bless him. But lord knows I hate the hipper-than-thou image that so many people spend hours of their day to create. American Apparel shoppers, I'm lookin' at you.

My mom's used the term twee - so that kills the usage here. Only other person I've heard use it lately - a Brit friend. Because they are just better with language. Precise. Nearly German, but using a typically-English restrained and minimal vocabulary.

If this new notion of twee takes over, it will itself be the twee-ing of twee and therefore something I'll have to hate.


Anonymous said...

What is the stereotype about American Apparel?

cd said...

American Apparel sells itself as "vertically integrated" and deserving of patronage because they don't run sweat shops. I don't tend to give extra credit to someone for doing what they should be doing. I especially give no credit here because the head of American Apparel - Dov Charney - is a creepy, sexually predatory dude who markets his line of fashion (if tube socks and plain Ts are fashion) using images evocative of kiddie porn and heroin-chic stoned young women and sleeps with his subordinates and is being sued by plenty of them for his practices.

When otherwise forward cities like Santa Cruz and San Francisco allow this bad man and his shit, overpriced, stock clothing to set up shop on their streets, I'm genuinely shocked.

I don't tend to boycott much or avoid buying things for cause-related reasons, but I WILL NOT purchase American Apparel anything - including clothing printed by others on American Apparel stock.

cd said...

oh - and to round out the reasoning: people think they're being so socially conscious by purchasing American Apparel and/or hip for buying from the iStore designed, space agey, white shops. But they are giving business to a likely sociopath.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea! I only buy AA because they are really soft and comfy and I get them dirt cheap through co-ops. I have never heard anything about AA which is why I was curious what role they played in the "twee."

Please tell me you love some Zach Braff, though!

cd said...

AA doesn't have any role in "twee" unless you adopt the author's definition, which I don't.

Google Dov Charney - or check out the many articles about him on Jezebel, and see if you like the company. I would hope you would avoid them from now on. Their crap is no different than a nice, pre-washed BeefyT or Hanes T anyway. It's just cotton.