Thursday, June 04, 2009

Reasons To Feel Old This Week: The DVR Recap

1.) A week or so old episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

- Brian Williams: is a freakin' brilliant man. He is funny as hell. He and Jon Stewart are two sides of the same coin. Williams is serious at work, but buoyed by humor in life. Stewart is humorous at work but driven by the seriousness of the times. I adore them both.

- Tori Amos: Appears to have botoxed her face. My youth has official died. Of botulism.

2.) So You Think You Can Dance: I still love you, yet you are kind of being a bitch. Cut it out.

3.) The NBC News Special: More Brian Williams with the Obamas and even the dog. Stewart has a good take on this. I'm only 30 minutes into the program. But 30 minutes in the White House complete with a quick reference to The West Wing was pretty much all it took to make me feel . . . so . . . no longer an intern walking through the halls of the Cannon HOB thinking, holy shit, I'm walking through the halls of the Cannon HOB and meeting Rich for lunch (turkey pastrami) and cooing over our ID badges and saying "holy shit we're having lunch and we have ID badges" and my god where have the past ten years gone and have I lived up to my potential or am I already a retired greyhound on the couch - go with it - and f*ck why are we navel-gazing we really need to stop saying we and stay off Facebook and can I be an intern again I want a do-ver.

4.) Did I mention that Tori Amos is 45 years old and her forehead no longer moves? Oh, these little earthquakes.

5.) The commercial for Away We Go: Maggie Gyllenhaal's character, re: a stroller, says, "I love my babies, why would I want to push them away from me?" Jacqui: this is you.

6.) We couldn't have Evan and Ryan? I bet we could have. Or how about Natalie, Nigel (you arse).

7.) You emo kids who are becoming something else, you twee kids, you kids wanting flannel after seeing Miss Deeley rock some retrogrunge this evening - you don't know boo about emo. 90s kids? Realtime Kurt Cobain? Tori Amos. We know from moody introspective alt.folk piano rock. You know nothing. But now we're botoxed. Someday, you'll be too.

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Unknown said...

Love Maggie Gyllenhaal! (pro-breastfeeding celebs make me happy, plus she is just darn cute!)

Oh, and Natalie...why, why, why? I just don't get it? I also really liked Arial (Phillip's dance partner). I was sad she didn't make it.

Mia, I adore you, but please stop picking on Brandon!