Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's Not Always About You, America(n)

So Michael Savage thinks HE'S responsible for the resignation of British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith? I'll check with my hubby abroad to see if that's how the headlines over there read, but my guess (fervent hope?) is hell-to-the-no. It was more likely that taxpayer funded porn rental thing (still stupid, but whatever).

A related aside: a hold-over from the Bush years is the notion that "everyone else hates us!" because we're bad Americans who invade other countries and twice elected (or once) an idiot. Even during Bush's presidency, however, I was never taken to task for my country of origin by Europeans. Initial questions to my husband, however, were frequently along the lines of "so, do you guys, like, totally hate Americans?" The rest of the world doesn't sit around thinking about YOU all the time, America. Sure, in a certain context or conversation, a non-American may express frustration or disagreement with, or even dislike of America. But mostly, what they notice is our undying need to make everything about us. How much do you hate us? No really, c'mon, you do, right? No, they don't. They just don't concern themselves over us. And really, why should they? They've got their own government and culture to worry about . . . .

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