Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Immi Law And Equal Marriage: Family Based Processes Suck For All!

Same-sex couples fight for immigration rights, notes a profile at

The article is both accurate and inaccurate. It also fills me with a sense of hopelessness on behalf of same-sex couples separated by citizenship. I don't see that changing anytime soon at all. Talk about a giant Federalism cluster. Even if the feds allowed some sort of modified K1 for same-sex couples, well, to which states? Those with full marriage rights? Those with domestic partnership statutes? But stuff doesn't necessarily cross state lines anyway? And all this works now because? Right, it doesn't. Anyway.

(I'm sure a certain percentage of my support for full marriage rights stems from my husband's and my brief and thankfully fixable struggles to be together. It wasn't brief at the time, but whatever. Our culture celebrates the hell out of the "love conquers all" notion, but public policy doesn't always back that up. It's a heartbreaking inequity. Anyway . . . .)

The one bit I'll take exception to, however, is the UCSF employee whose employer sponsored him for a green card. Dude says he sees inequality when a female coworker can marry a foreign man and sponsor him and that they represent "one more person who has jumped ahead of me in a line I should be in."

Uh, no no no no no, deary. The EMPLOYMENT series of visas can pay their way to better priority in line. You can fast track that shit. Family based visas - like the K series? You wait your turn. Not as long as less-related sibling, parent, etc, series either. Someone who has sponsorship and is legally present with their loved one? You don't get too much empathy from me. I know how it is for the K couples and the wait can be horrendous and of unknown length.

So, total empathy for couples with no legal relief in sight. Not so much empathy if you have your green card and you're still hating on the K-sters.

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