Tuesday, May 05, 2009

You Can Have Your NFL Draft, Fantasy Whatever, Etc. I'll Take My Fall Line-Up Race

Y'all know I love TV, right? 'Cause I do. What's in and what's out for next fall brightens my day and breaks my heart. Fingers crossed for: Privileged (best show you wrote-off before watching an episode); Better Off Ted (I'll admit it - I'm shocked at how good it is); Parks & Recreation (because I love Amy Poehler and I think they could really DO something with the character - if they get that far). Hat tip to King of the Hill - it's been fun, will miss you, as will Sanjay; Kath & Kim (because Molly Shannon, c'mon, and Maya Rudolph guests? Please, I loved it enough). Shocked but cool with: Private Practice (because I like to have one worthless, manipulative, shlocky show starring ADULTS instead of faux-teens). Happy about the obvs: Lie to Me (easy TV. Sometimes we just need easy TV); Grey's; Office; 30 Rock; Gossip Girl

And then there's Heroes. Where do I put that. How is that show still on? Seriously. How? I still watch it - like a car crash. I need to catch up on the last half of the last half-season (or weren't they calling it Season 4 already, those hopeful, crazy kids).

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