Monday, May 04, 2009

Sometimes I Think We're A Bit Confused About Rights

Especially the big ones - speech and religion - and the non-specified ones - like the ones we think we enjoy when it comes to the intersection of work and beliefs.

So now there's a notion to protect via statute someone's beliefs against gay marriage so people whose faiths disallow their support of the issue (if such a faith truly exists - and you better give me some New Testament citations, Christianity) won't have to sully their immortal souls by helping two gays get hitched. You know, like pharmacists who won't give or talk about birth control.

Why should these people get protection? There's a line, sure, but I think it's up in Nazi territory, and not with birth control or marriage. Something with immediate, tangible physical harm (mass murder of a people) and not intangible, theoretical harm. (And while I'm going super parenthetical here let me say: I said birth control, not abortion.)

If you're a county clerk/registrar/etc and you don't want to marry two men or two women I have two choices for you: one, hope someone can do it for you and just pick which couples process or two: Get Another Job.

If you're a pharmacist and you don't want to dispense medication: Get Another Job.

If you're a clergyman, congrats! You already don't have to do anything because, despite your best efforts, there's still a teeny wall between church and state.

So there's your options. STFU or Get Another Job.

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