Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Should We Ask Him If He Evens Wants To Get Married First?

This Chron article makes about a million logic leaps as it builds the case for an advancing public view on equal marriage rights on Adam Lambert's back.

The kid is a kid. Okay, he's 27, which is a grown-up (or was before we, as a culture, decided to stay Forever 21). But it still seems odd to use him as the centerpiece of the discussion when we're just now hearing gossip reports that he's introduced his BF to his AI pals.

The great national Lambert Shrug over his sexuality is telling, however. Give me a "who cares!" America!

No one cares.

My mom doesn't care. Some internet crackpots care, but tweener gals don't (probably because the guy's Twighlight aura is spot-on for the time: he's pretty, can sing, is dark in a cuddly sort of way, and may as well be Edward Cullen with a microphone).

He's just a dude on a reality show. The most beautiful aspect of progress - if we are progressing on the issue - is that there's no story there. He can do or date whom he pleases and still get on with his badass, hollering career. Let him be a poster boy for himself for awhile, rather than anything larger.*

(*Though, I'll say this: I didn't love the kid in the competition. Never voted for him. 'Cause I don't dig his persona/voice THAT much. But I had this brief fantasy that last night he would give a shout out to "Mom, Dad, my boyfriend Drake! I love you guys!" and then just see what happens. No matter what, the outcome would have been great for him. Option 1: he says it, America continues to shrug, he wins, and cuts a record. Option 2: he says it, America continues to shrug, but decides it wants more Jason Mraz and less Cullen, so he cuts a record he wants rather than one hamstrung with Kara's crap song. Option 3: he says it, American media loses its shit, he wins, more shrugging, record, fame, horray. Option 4: he says it, America loses its shit, he loses, he goes Prajean and even MORE people know his name, he cuts a record, earns massive money, probably helps a movement, and gets a reality show. So you know, he's cool whatever happens, so maybe, if we're going to thrust him into the role of spokesperson for an entire demographic, he stepped up and took one for the team and say "yeah, and?")

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