Thursday, May 07, 2009

On Facebook, Continued

I think there are only three ways to come across in your status updates. I bet this translates to Tweets too.

1.) Pedestrian

2.) Shallow

3.) Trying perhaps a little too hard

Lately, I've been operating in number 2 with reactions to Idol and musings on other TV shows. Other times, it's 1. Boring. No one cares.

Numbers 1 and 2 seem like the only safe options for people who care about potential employment issues resulting from Facebook posts.

Also: today I finally removed someone from my newsfeed. Because I just couldn't care anymore. The people I care about don't frequently update anything and there isn't enough information on anyone there to help me really catch-up. I think I'm already experiencing diminishing Facebook returns.

Lastly: someone gave me a hard time last night for something on my blog. Not a post though, something in my bio. My bio? Oh well. Once upon a time, I had content that people cared about. No, I'm so far away from anything interesting, I'm back to yammering about headlines. Sometimes, this gets me down. Actually, it gets me down a lot.

1 comment:

kitchengeeking said...

Here's guessing I fall into category three. Many posts, and outside the context of my food world here in Charleston, relative unimportantness.