Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Idea, But Partly False Reasoning

Take the fight to Central Valley? Liken it to the freedom riders fighting for civil rights in the South? Yes, that could be a good idea and it could be a useful analogy. What takes it from inspirational to frustrating, however, is this:
Gay activists believe their campaign against Proposition 8 focused too much on liberal urban enclaves along the coast, failing even to reach out to the state's rural regions. The measure passed with nearly 69 percent of the vote in Fresno County, compared to 52 percent statewide.
I'm not sure if the "Gay activists" referenced had anything to do with the campaign, but either way, they're missing the failure. It's a good thing blogging doesn't require talking, because I'd be blue in the face from repeating this so often. This campaign failed because turnout was miserable. The No on 8 campaign failed to get out the vote. If you don't turn out your vote, then any support and all the persuasion in the world is wasted effort and wasted money.

We will repeat this error if we don't remember it, talk about it, insist on it, assess it, and work against it.

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