Wednesday, May 20, 2009

False Comparisons

AP television writer gets it wrong regarding the AI question on every fan's mind: where do Gokey's votes go:

Allen and Gokey seem more aligned than Lambert, in both style and substance. Allen, 23, of Conway, Ark., and Gokey, 29, of Milwaukee, shunned Lambert's elaborate staging and wardrobe when they performed, and both have traditional public images.

Allen is a married college student and has worked as a church worship leader. Gokey, a widower, is a church music director.

Lambert, 27, of Los Angeles, has largely kept his life under wraps, saying "I know who I am" when asked to dish. His talent, however, is there for all to see.

When it comes to singing style, Gokey is the untalented version of Lambert - but they are both belters. Kris Allen is Jason Mraz/Jack Johnson.

More to the point: the writer is drawing conclusions from Allen and Gokey's employment with churches and setting it as opposite to Lambert who won't talk about his life. Um, no. We know an equal amount about the professional background of all three. Did anyone ask Lambert if he goes to church? Can he not because, wink wink nudge, he "keeps" his "life under wraps" which means he's gay which means he is neither a traditionalist nor a church-goer?

Sorry. No.

If I were a betting woman, I'd bet Gokey votes go nowhere at all because Gokey voters are jealous of Lambert's talent and mad at Kris Allen for stealing Gokey's spot.

(Don't you LOVE that this is the most in-depth analytical piece on the day after an Election Day? Right?)

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