Friday, May 22, 2009

Ante Up, Stags And Athenas

Claremont McKenna College needs your pennies, gang. So fork it over!

Seriously: CMC loves you. You love CMC, right? And maybe you've heard about this whole bad economy thing? It's probably hit our alumni especially hard, come to think of it. But when everyone is down, isn't giving that much more important? Last year, $58,000 was raised from donations of just $50 or less. That's no small feat. Of course, the school will happily welcome you to the Jack Stark Society ($150) or James Madison Society ($100) or those pricier societies if you have more than $50 to spare.

Maybe you received a CMC Young Alumni Update email within the last few minutes, too. If you didn't, then you already contributed, so good job you! You can give more though, if you need to clear cash before the end of the fiscal year.

The photo of the Class of 2009 (dear God in heaven) celebrating Thesis-Turn-In day brought back some fond memories. That celebration clearly seems to be at Flamson Court. Our was out at the apartments. I finished a bottle of warm Asti like I finished my two-semester thesis, yo! I still have the bottle. Yeah, I do. And I have an ICA banner. That's right. I'm THAT alumna.

Give back, please. Even if you're paying for loans still (I am). Even if, despite being employed, you still feel short most months (I do). Even if you have quibbles with stuff (yes, sometimes even I do, too).

As-yet unborn Stags and Athenas need you.

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