Friday, April 24, 2009

'Street-sweeper reductions costing Muni money'

This made me smile with fond memories of sharking the street sweeper to get my regular parking spot in front of my house in San Francisco. In Sacramento, I'm not sure the same game would save you from a ticket. Each Monday I would crawl out of bed, grab my keys, and sit, in my jammies, in my truck - pulled neatly up onto the sidewalk in perfect position to jut out just as the sweeper went past. Having jutted out and claimed my area, I could perfectly position the car and leave it parked for another full week. Heaven in a parking spot. Some have expressed surprise that I could park on the sidewalk or that no tickets would be issued once the sweeper passed. It seemed to work.

There were always chains of cars sharking the sweeper as well - ten or twenty - following along like baby ducks to their mama. I witnessed more than a few fights where slightly slower sidewalk sitters would nearly strike one of these stealth spot stealers. You had to be QUICK off the mark to claim your spot. There are no assumptions in parking.

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