Friday, April 17, 2009

Pain Co-Opting, Vol. 246356987

'Thousands say goodbye to slain Tracy girl'

Says the lede: "Sandra Cantu was remembered Thursday as "Tracy's precious angel," but she may well have been everybody's little girl."

Except, she wasn't everyone's little girl. She was one family's little girl and arguably one mobile homepark's little girl if you believe the commentary about what a close community the park was.

But several thousand people didn't know this 8 year old. Most 8 year olds don't have several thousand fans or mourners. Unless they are Bindi Irwin and hopefully, she's not playing with anything deadly for a long time, if ever. And then she won't be 8 anyway.

Can we learn from her death? No, not really. We're already plenty paranoid about letting kids go unsupervised or play in their neighborhoods. We aren't going to learn much. And, realistically, we aren't going to miss much either.

(Should I bring out the somewhat tired, but still true point that many kids of various ages die in street violence in the course of a week but we aren't filling a gym and crying for them? This is a sexy story. But it's not a teachable moment.)

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