Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss California Can't Answer A Simple Question In A GOOD Non-Answer Way

Miss California gave a terrible non-answer to her question about equal marriage rights. I'd say it doesn't seem to California, but post Prop 8, I guess it does.

(Hey, No on 8 Campaign - STILL YOUR FAULT)

Anyway - judge(!) Perez Hilton vlogged the response immediately after the show, calling her answer "THE WORST ANSWER in pageant history." Really? C'mon. This is the worst answer ever. Miss California just chose to walk the wrong line. Or it was an honest answer. Who knows. Perez, though, loses the high(?) ground when he calls her a "dumb bitch."


T-BD said...

O.K so whu is diz Paris Hiltone enyway; Iz she a Celeb?

cd said...


Kerri said...

I wasn't offended by her ultimate answer, but instead I was appalled by how incoherent she was while trying to get to that point.