Monday, April 27, 2009

Iowa More Progressive Than Cali? Maybe.

This poste starts with a claim that on the issue of equal marriage rights, Iowa is more progressive than California.

Um, is it?

Let's not forget, kids, that Iowa same-sex couples are enjoying their rightful freedom because of a court case, not because of legislation or an initiative. That's how we had ours, too. The post also mentions that a poll found 62% of Iowans thought marriage rights should be reserved for hetero couples. The Democratic governor says he won't push for a ban. Great! Sounds like it's all safe in Iowa then! Oh wait, no, it's totally not. Because opposition doesn't have to be home-grown. Anyone, anywhere, can swoop into most states and use their processes (legislative, initiative, etc) to pursue less equality-loving goals.

So, Iowa, I am very glad your court ruled fairly. But if you take for granted for a second the high stakes and still shaky situation, you'll end up just like us: with a lazy, ineffectively managed organization unable to run a campaign to protect those delicate rights because they assumed it was all good.

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