Friday, April 17, 2009

Gardening 101

Have I mentioned that I love Sarah Haskins? I think I have. But I'll say it again. I love Sarah Haskins. If Jon Stewart ever retires, she's got my stamp of approval as a replacement. In fact, she should join Samantha Bee as a chief whatever whatever on the show because, let's face it, it's brilliant, but it's short on the shorties. Am I right?

Anywayz - here she is in her latest Target: Women installment talking about something I had seen in England a few weeks back - an oh-no-are-they?-yes-they-are ad for razors.

I had seen the second ad she shows (women jogging past hedges) in England and it took me until the product was show to go - wait, WTF - OMG - and a string of other text-speak shorthand for the sort of blushing shock that, let's face it, is hard to come by these days. It was so noteworthy that I had to pause, rewind, and call EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE over to see it. I said at the time that they wouldn't show such an ad here. WRONG!

Anyway - click, watch, enjoy, and be ready to go through her entire body of work, 'cause girlfiend is brills, y'all.

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