Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Facebook Experiment, An Update

So, it's been, say, a month or so since I caved and joined facebook. So far, I have to give it a shrug and an ummmm.

The highlights: finding a lot of former campers of mine and finding out they are adults or nearly adults - some with kids, most with college degrees, some pursuing professional degrees, all seemingly happy and doing well. That's as high a high as I could ever get from the internet and I absolutely love it. Also: the ability to send a quick hello to college friends I haven't spoken with in awhile or don't speak with frequently. Reconnecting with a few college friends I'd lost touch with. All these things are cool

The lowlights: I'm not sure it's enough to overshadow the highs, however, true to my fears, there have been a few friend requests that I honestly just don't know what to do with. (disclaimer: if you're reading here and you're a friend or contact, don't assume I'm talking about you - I am woefully slow at checking facebook and the friend requests, so sorry! for the coming mini-rant).

There was one request from a gal (and I doubt she reads this site) who I knew in high school but who must have married since I didn't recognize her name or her face from the teeny photos online. I asked around a bit and confirmed her identity and then wondered why in the hell she would friend me? From what I recall, we didn't end high school as friends. We ended it affirmatively as not-friends, I thought. And I haven't really thought much about her since. Not in a good or a bad way. But you move on and some people you think about and some you don't. So I just let the request languish there. I haven't hit ignore and my gut wants to just skip the confirm action because, well, really? I'm cool. She's cool, I presume, so, well, we're cool right? She wasn't at the reunion last year anyway.

It's too much passive access. With this site, people have to show up to see what's going on and it's only ever a limited peak into my personal life here and there. Granted, facebook profiles are only as personal and revealing as you make them. Still, it all seems too much for so many aspects of life - camp, hometown, high school, middle school, college, various organizations, law school, life - to appear jumbled up on one page.

So, facebook, I'm not loving you right now, even though I love the people you've put me back in contact with.

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