Monday, March 30, 2009

A Poop In The Traveling Pants

I passed part of yesterdays 10+ hour flight by watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (because I was on a plane and needed comfort TV and those girls are all great actresses, that's why, y'all).

I recalled reviews calling it the lesser leg of the Pants movies. I can't recall the reasons given, but I would agree for at least one large, glaring, unforgiveable reason.

These films are aimed at tweeny girls - probably 11 to 18 (and their moms and older fans of smarter tweeny films, like me). Such films aren't required to be educational or to adopt moral or political stances - but sometimes they do. Or should. Whatever.

In this film (slight spoilers ahead) one of the character's boyfriends says "I love you" and the decide to go all the way. That's fine. No problem with that (for the sake of this argument) - the girls are all over 18 and in college and this couple used a condom, so fine, fine. After they go all the way, the boyfriend comes out of the bathroom with the unsettling and rightly freak-out! news that the condom broke. This is a terrible thing. And it happens. And it would make any safe-practices couple rightfully concerned.

So what do this otherwise savvy, smart (if too moody - which is her Character Flaw) girl and her boyfriend do? NOTHING. They just worry. She worries and worries. She sees babies and pregnant ladies everywhere. She works at a video store where the words "I'm late" come up ironically and often. She worries and worries some more. She breaks up with her boyfriend because she can't hang with it all.

Anyone see where I'm going with this?

Why didn't this smart girl get her ass over to the student health center and get a Plan B prescription? Better yet - is New York a state where you can get Plan B over the counter? I don't know! But if it is - hit a damned druge store you stupid girl! Seriously, writers, what the hell? Was that intentionally left out because it might be too controversial or just because no one thought about it? If the condom breaks, then the sooner you get to Plan B, the better. Is it a guaranteed baby-stopper (not aborter! NOT ABORTER!)? No. But it sure as hell makes more sense than walking around New York very worried.

She doesn't get knocked up, by the way. But she and the writers should get knocked in the head for letting this character behave out-of-character-ly and ignorantly and missing a chance to educate the audience.

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