Friday, February 27, 2009

PTN Gives Me All The Reasons I'll Ever Need To Avoid Twilight

Generally, I hate people who hate a book or film or TV program who have never read or seen said book or film or program because, well, that's lame.

In certain cases, however, one reads a case that has been so well made that the need to "see for yourself" just isn't justified.

Such is the case with Twilight and Amber's pitch-perfect review. And a billion bonus points for the Buffy comparison. That gave me pretty much all I needed to know to make an informed "I'm not reading it" decision.

I think this marks a day of personal growth: did I believe those who went before me on things like a two-semester thesis or law school? No, had to find out for myself. But Twilight? I won't go there. Thanks, Amber.

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