Tuesday, February 03, 2009

And It's Offensive To Poppies

Those are poppies, right? Or some sort of wildflower? I think I should be bothered as both a woman and a Californian.

Teleflora is sending apologies and coupon codes to those bothered by the bad-mouthing flower ad that ran during the Super Bowl. According to Jezebel, however, the ad is still on the front page of their site. And, there are more! (Click the above link.)

I'm not sure the ads even send the message the company thinks they send.

Also, I have received flowers in box - several times - and I don't recall ever being offended by them (literally or figuratively).

One ad depicts a new mom receving crapbox flowers from her coworkers that say "hello baby, goodbye promotion," and gleefully explain how everyone back at the company is stealing her big projects. If that were the case, wouldn't they send reallllly nice flowers?

My mom thought the ad was funny. I missed it when it aired originally and have only seen the recaps (and rants) online.


Unknown said...

I thought it was the most effective ad of the Super Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Effective how? Have you sent CK flowers not-in-a-box since Sunday?

Unknown said...

No, but I have in the past, and after that ad I probably won't do it again.

Anonymous said...

Why? It's a stupid ad! I've received flowers-in-a-box several times. You know what I thought when I got them? Oooh, flowers for me - they are gorgeous! Especially for busy, employed people, it's much nicer to find the treat on your porch than to get a phone call telling you they couldn't deliver your plants so when do you want them to come again? (Hard to leave a fragile vase on a porch.) Ruins the surprise.

Not to mention - knowing you guys, I'd say the LAST thing you want is some superfluous, cheap vase you'd just get rid of anyway. You don't like stuff!

This commercial is like those ones that show the woman getting outrageously pissed when her husband gets her a vacuum for Christmas instead of the diamonds she "deserves." Maybe she wants a vacuum?

It's all MALE ideas of what women want, rather than what women might actually care about.

Unknown said...

I disagree with everything you wrote except the vase. You are right that is superfluous to us. We hate junk. Are you saying females' desire for flowers is just a male manifestation?

Anonymous said...

No, I'm saying the commercial says women think all these super bad things if they get flowers in a box, rather than a vase, and that's complete crap. Maybe my standards are too low, but I've never felt warmer towards things in vases than I've felt towards things in boxes. It's dudes writing the commercial who want to instill fear in other dudes that they are doing it wrong.

Unknown said...

Precisely. We buy the flowers. That's why I found it effective.

Anonymous said...

In defense of ProFlowers, they arrive in a box but they're amazingly fresh. I've bought multiple times from them and their flowers last much longer than anything I've bought from the local florist (or from FTD, which is of course the same as the local florist).

Anonymous said...

I agree with you DougJ. I've only ever received lovely flowers from them and I would use them to send flowers to someone else as well, without fear they would sh*t-talk the recipient into a mental breakdown. ;)