Monday, January 05, 2009

Lessons Are For Losers

'Ex eBay CEO prepares run for Calif. governor' or such is the conclusion drawn by unnamed sources after Meg Whitman bails from three high-profile corporate board positions.

Quick question: what has Meg Whitman done that qualifies her to be the California State Governor? Answer: probably nothing.

As the piece points out, other, well-monied would-be governors's attempts tanked (who remembers Al Checchi? Bill Simon? Bueller? I thought as much).

Also of note: some other stuff - read the papers.

2010 is going to be super swell.


Anonymous said...

She should apply to be a Senator from New York!

Anonymous said...

Ah, because Caroline Kennedy has no qualifications whatsoever, right?

Exept that's not really the case. She's not exactly an idiot - she's an accomplished writer, philanthropist, and scholar who, if anyone was going to benefit from being a legacy - well, I have no problem if she does.

Anonymous said...

"Philanthropist" -- born into lots of money, she's spent time giving away a tiny fraction of it. Not exactly impressive.

"Accomplished writer" -- According to the only book she wrote was a compilation of speeches & poems. She's also listed as co-author of a book that has no sales, no reviews, and that's not even carried by Amazon. And we all know about the Kennedy's as "co-authors," right?

"Scholar" -- she did a little fund raising for NY City Schools.

Is this the most qualified person in NY?

I think the attempted defense just makes my point even stronger -- Whitman should apply to be a Senator from NY -- all it takes is money and name recognition!

Anonymous said...


So, leaving aside, the non-reasonable argument that because other people attempt to get jobs for which they aren't qualified, Meg Whitman should be supported when she goes for a job for which she isn't qualified: let's get down to brass tacks:

Why not admit that business administration and government administration are simply different?

It's like saying Michael Phelps should get into synchronized swimming because that and swim races both occur in a pool. It's a silly, naive view that has - time and again - proved false!

To quote from the title of a great Brit comedy series - assuming you're in Cali - "Look Around You."