Monday, December 01, 2008

'There Is No Front Line'

Monica Brown won a Silver Star for throwing her body across two wounded soldiers under enemy fire in Afghanistan. The two men she saved refused to be interviewed by 60 Minutes - one of them saying women have no business being on the front line. Other fellow soldiers there that day said Brown did her job and did it well, but maybe won her award because she was 18 and a girl, rather than - purely because she displayed heroism.

For her part, Brown says she neither asked for or expected a Silver Star. She'd take back that entire day, if she could.

Her superior officers seem like big fans - so what's up with her peers and the man whose life she saved? Either he's lame and super lucky to be alive, or super lucky to be alive and badly misquoted or wrongly contextualized by 60 Minutes. (btw: correspondent Lara Logan may be my least favorite news correspondent ever - something about her voice and style grate terribly. Oh well.)

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