Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Forget What Can Be Seen From Where, THIS Is the Idiocy That Went Tragically Undermocked In '08

Coming in No. 10 is the single most overlooked bit of Palin-trauma from 2008 on this list of media lowlights. (Caution, many f-bombs after the jump. The rest of the list, while humorous, doesn't pack quite the same historic whallop as the Palin clip.)

Forget the rest, it's No. 10 that's my No. 1. It was replayed, but never got the full Tina. In her oh-so-memorable interview with Katie Couric, Palin can't/won't/doesn't provide the name of a single specific newspaper or periodical from which she gets information on The World. Instead, she feebly attempts to characterize the question as an slap at backwoods Alaskans' scant access to real papers from real cities. But: Fail! This is far, far, far worse than an inability to name a Supreme Court Case with which one disagrees. She literally just needed to start reciting the names of newspapers she's heard of, but she can't/won't/doesn't.

For making it ever so slightly easier for people to question my ability to lead a constituency, Sarah Palin, you get my 2008 award for Worst Idea Ever.

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