Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wrong, So Wrong

Gavin Newsom can't do anything right, apparently. But if you want to - perhaps rightly - fault him with givng the Yes on 8 campaign a gift-wrapped sound bite - fine. Don't, however, fault him for what the Chron's Phil Bronstein seems to see as a HUGE transgression:
While No on 8 campaigners like Alex Tourk, who I talked to recently, were agonizing over whether they'd win and were working every angle, Mr. Newsom was out stumping against the proposition this last, critical weekend. Where? In Solano, the only Bay Area county to vote for 8? In Contra Costa, where the tally was pretty close and some minds might have been changed?

No, the mayor was hitting the bricks in the Castro. How many people in that neighborhood do you think were undecided on same sex marriage? But it sure must have been fun getting all that adoration and applause. No boos there for Mr. Newsom, not even on Halloween.

Yesterday, as voters went to the polls, the mayor stiffed a tribute to the late, highly respected Democratic Party strategist Bob McCarthy, where there was genuine emotion flowing, to do some last minute arm-twisting against Prop 8. In Contra Costa? In Santa Clara? No. "He opted instead," according to Phil Matier and Andy Ross, "to do a last minute, applause-filled No on 8 walk along Polk Street."

Another stronghold of anti-gay sentiment.
Do I need to explain what's wrong with this, or have you all been paying attention to my wild-eyed, WTF-themed posts for the last 24 hours or so? Right, I thought so. Give me an f-ing break. He worked the base. At least a little. That's closer to a GOTV effort than anything else I've read about.


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