Monday, November 17, 2008

Twitter Moms, Unite!

Why does it make total sense to me that moms got all in an uproar about this ad on Twitter? Because I'm a completely un-empathetic non-mom type who thinks some of this overparenting stuff is nutty-like-fruitcake.

I don't think "baby wearing" is bad. My sister wouldn't speak to me again if I did. But I think it's stupid to be offended at a commercial for pain medication that probably fairly represents a good portion of moms out there who think strollers are totally fine.

And OMG this protest ad makes me want to ralph with its earnest urgings that slings save the world. The music alone . . . . I'm going to take Mortin and buy two strollers when I have kids.

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Unknown said...

Well, I guess I am stupid then. But that is OK, because according to Motrin, I am also tired and crazy because I wear my son (but hey, at least I get to wear that cool official looking Mom badge!) Did we overreact? Maybe. But then again, this ad spoke negatively about something that is core to the parenting beliefs of thousands of moms AND dads out there (I guess the dads don’t get badges?) And it came out during the first ever internationally organized babywearing week…a week to promote babywearing and encourage people to try it who may have not done so in the past. This ad made it sound like a horribly painful experience (which it isn’t, by the way!) Why would anyone want to try it?

Moms just can't seem to do anything right these days. Work outside the home? You're neglecting your kids. Stay at home mom? You must be lazy! Breastfeed past the age of three months? Clearly, you are spoiling that child! Choose to (or are unable to) nurse? You must be a child abuser! Babywear? Clearly, you are crazy! (or, so says Motrin)