Sunday, November 23, 2008

To Quote Amy: Oh My God Are You Serious?!?!?

Sputter, sputter, spit, frustrationcity, sigh:

"So we lost," said Robin Tyler, one of the plaintiffs in a case the state Supreme Court used in May to overturn Proposition 22, a statutory marriage ban approved in 2000. "It's only a battle and this is a war. And we'll win the war."
But you know what's funny? We coulda totally won the war, battle, whatever, like, a few weeks ago, but we didn't. Can someone ask Mr. Kors to explain?

Five thousand people at the freakin' Capitol - but I doubt we're closer to a field program for next time. Oh wait! Maybe they noticed:

Any new campaign would be very different from the unsuccessful push to stop Prop. 8, the speakers agreed. There will have to be an improved effort to go out and make the case for marriage equality to the religious groups that provided much of the support for the measure.
[beats head against wall] Persuasion means NOTHING if you don't get out the m---er f---ing vote, yo.

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