Thursday, November 20, 2008

Survey Says: Shenanigans!

Zogby won’t duplicate Obama poll. There's no indication, however, that Zogby cops to the foolishness of the first poll. For realz, y'all. As someone with a background in survey research - from question design, to conducting the survey, to analyzing the results - yeah, this is a push poll Zogby signed onto. And if he doesn't just say "oops," I don't think anyone of import should go to him anymore:

John Zogby said in a statement defending the poll: “We reject the notion that this was a push poll because it very simply wasn't. … In this case, the respondents were given a full range of responses and were not pressured or influenced to respond in one way or another. This poll was not designed to hurt anyone, which is obvious as it was conducted after the election.”
Yeah, no. That's not really saying it wasn't a push poll. None of that, what he says there, undoes what he let his company do.

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