Monday, November 03, 2008

Michelle Obama: A Real Life Claire Huxtable?

Yeah, that seems accurate to me. Jezebel looks at Michelle Obama and her fictional forerunner in the context of black female role models.

Yes, Michelle Obama may be a special role model for black women, but I find her a special role model as well. I would hope she's a role model for men and women - but certainly for women of every color.

She is the real life Claire Huxtable, and, like Hillary Clinton before her, she represents the next wave of First Ladies: professional, accomplished women who embraced the first and second waves' promises.

I often joke that Claire Huxtable led me astray because she motivated me to go to law school since lawyers, as embodied by Mrs. Huxtable, lived in really nice New York houses and, undoubtedly drove BMWs. They were well-off, well-dressed, and well-spoken. Turns out, lawyering isn't nearly as glamorous (nor as lucrative! thanks), but I still have an overwhelming fondness for Mrs. Huxtable.

And, more appropriately, since she's a real person, Michelle Obama.

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