Thursday, November 06, 2008

I Call A Qualified B.S.

From our Keeping To the Narrative Department:

Yeah, yeah, Sarah Palin - she may be just as stupid as we wanted her to be! Or she may become one overly inflated political urban legend. I think she's largely to blame for McCain tanking - but hardly solely. And she didn't choose herself. So McCain is ultimately to blame for tanking.

The imbeded clip linked to above sure makes her seem stupid to both basic viewers and, I guess, political scientists? There seems to be an equal amount of ire at Palin allegedly not knowing that Africa is a continent and not a country as there is to her not understanding the idea of American exceptionalism, a classic principle of Wilsonian doctrine (and watch the guy's inability to say that clearly himself).

Yeah, she should've know the Bush Doctrine - but I would give a pass on Wilsonian Doctrine. I wouldn't give a pass to Barack Obama or other professor types, but let's just be happy that Palin didn't get elected. Let's not keep picking at her. It doesn't accomplish anything now and I doubt she'll be a serious 2012 challenge.

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