Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Bet She Doesn't Know What She Did Was Wrong, Which Is The Real Crime

The jury found Lori Drew - the MySpace killer mom who toyed with a 13 year old, unstable girl, until the girl hanged herself - guilty of lesser charges than the novel felony charges filed against her.

I was talking about the case last night and explaining to my mom why I didn't think she'd do time off the charges - they couldn't charger her for the girl's death, of which I think she's very guilty, and you'd have to have a super nullified jury to get something significant out of the filed charges.

There are still some charges and issues unresolved, but I think it's safe to say that Drew won't do [enough] hard time.

What gets to me, though, is this nagging feeling that neither Lori Drew, nor her family or unindicted co-conspirator probably truly think they did anything wrong or bear substantial responsibility for the girl's death. She likely buys her own press just fine.

The things we do to our girls . . . . .

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Zubon said...

If we are going to prosecute people for lying on their MySpace profiles, court dockets will be very full. Saying we will rely on prosecutors to distort the law only where we don't like the defendants won't quite work.

(Insert standard "WTF is wrong Lori Drew" disclaimer.)