Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Further SF Crunching

More voters voted in the Prop 8 contest than voted in the top-ticket presidential battle, at least according to the numbers I pulled from the linke LAT map, above.

198,989 voters selected Obama to McCain's 30,888 - for a total of 229,977 votes cast in that race.

Down the ballot - usually the home of candidates and measures that get far less love and attention - 54,321 voters favored Prop 8 while 177,036 voted against stripping rights from fellow citizens, for a total of 231,357 votes cast in the race.

There were 1480 more votes cast in the Prop contest than in the presidential race. Not a huge number, but still interesting.

In LA County, 1554 more votes were cast in the Prop 8 contest than in the presidential race.

In Imperial County, along the Mexican border, only 209 more votes were cast in the 8 race than the presidential race. Prop 8, however, received more votes in favor than Obama received votes - 15822 votes to Obama's 13417 votes. (96.3% of precincts reporting)

In neighboring San Diego County, however, there were 20,814 more votes cast for President and more votes for Obama than in favor of Prop 8.

I could crunch numbers all day really. But I should go to work.

But if anyone out there can make more maps with all this data on a single page, that'd be great. It's a safe bet that party affiliation was not a sure predictor of support or opposition to Prop 8. And I have a guess that if you ran cross-tabs for race and income level, you'll get a clearer picture of how things worked out.

I should do more research into tiny Alpine County and Mono County, however - the sole Inland NO counties. Thanks, lil'Alpine!

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