Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'From Mentor With Moxie To Mom'

Yeah, this part of the evolving Michelle Obama narrative bothers me a bit too, except that I do see the value - at least in the short-term, transitional period, in one half of the Obama partnership focusing on the homefront. I'm coming to see that dividing the labor within and without the home is kinda sensible. That said, I'll be curious to see what happens after the girls are established in school. It's not like Michelle Obama should have trouble making sure her carpool day is covered, right?

Did Michelle Obama really "soften" her image?" Just stop talking about all that lawyer stuff and start cooing over your admittedly coo-able daughters and presto! Instant American admiration.

I do still admire her - but perhaps we won't know the whole story about how Michelle Obama feels until the post-presidency biography in 4 or - I hope - 8 years.

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