Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An Election Night Concession Speech

My husband commented that he'd expected to stay up all night watching for the winner. He missed the big moment because he didn't see it coming. Only my sniffles and tears alerted him to the world's immediate change as the clock struck 8pm in the West.

John McCain's speech did sound familiar, as NBC's Brian Williams commented. It sounded like . . . John McCain. That guy we liked, the one who stood up to Bush, for a time. It's like that last page of Lord of the Flies, isn't it? The perspective has shifted. We can recall the old John McCain and we believe that he is sincere in his reverance for what's happened tonight.

His supporters' boos weren't really necessary. But I'm pretty sure that John McCain wishes they'd shut up as well.


Two notes:

1.) Sarah Palin, you are relieved of duty. Please depart the national stage and fade into the obscurity from which you came. Thank you.

2.) Brian Williams noted that as of now, it seems that Barack Obama gathered more of the white (male?) vote than did John Kerry.

Hey y'all, this is a monumental moment in American history and in that specific part of American history dedicated to our difficult relationship with race. But let's get pragmatic: I left law school for John Kerry. I still think he would've been better than the last four years of Bush. Full stop. BUT, he was a TERRIBLE candidate and screwed up a lot of stuff. PLUS, Bush had a better field game in many places (not PA, thanks; you're welcome), and there were many factors going against us. So I think we should spend a smidge less time looking at race when comparing the votes between tonight and Kerry's result and more looking at, like, the candidates themselves.

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