Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Castro celebrates Obama, bemoans a Prop. 8 win

Contain your rage:

Natasha Horchata, 18, moved to San Francisco several months ago to pursue a drag queen show career. On Tuesday, Horchata paraded up and down the street wearing a spiky black and white wig and a black corset with a couple of 'No on 8' banners trailing from the waist.

'I didn't register in time to vote, so I wanted to do something,' Horchata said.

Earlier in the evening, volunteers Joe Durso and Jason Lloyd stood on opposite sides of the Castro-Market street intersection waving "No on 8" signs to passing cars, looking as though they were conducting a symphony of honking. Both had manned their corners since before 7 a.m.

Durso, a Sonoma County resident who had married his partner on Valentine's Day in 2004, pledged to fight until Prop. 8 was defeated - either Tuesday night or in some later court battle.

"If it's passed, the legal counsel for No on 8 will find a way to bring it to the surface again and defeat it," said Durso, 44. "I just can't imagine our basic civil rights being taken away."
No, no wait, I am finding it hard to contain my rage. Field. Field. FIELD. Field.


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