Sunday, November 02, 2008

Caring About Undecideds Is Simply A Way To Kill Time Between Now And 8pm Tuesday

You've heard the jokes. What is WRONG with undecided voters? Are they stupid? Slow? Ignorant? Inattentive? Foolishly, lazily deliberative? Gosh, who hasn't made up his or her mind yet? What have you been doing for the last few days, months, hell, years?

But it's all bullshit, kids.

The only people who care about undecideds at this point are reporters and losing campaign managers.

GOTV weekend - what we're in now, until Tuesday - isn't about voter identification or persuasion. It's about getting. out. the. vote. Period. Seriously. It's over. The campaigning part of the campaign is over. Now is the time to literally drive your damn voters to the polls. Take them coffee or umbrellas or cold beverages - weather and location depending. I don't even find the undecided jokes funny anymore. (This is largely a reaction to a particular campaign I know seeming to want to biff it bad as we near the finish line. More on that on Wednesday morning.)

It's likely, given the low level of readership I currently have, that everyone reading already knows that the undecideds don't matter for boo anymore. But I just had to vent. MSM and others are just killing time because there just isn't anything left to say anymore. We're all tired. We all want to vote. We all want there to be A winner on Tuesday night and we want to know who it is before we pass out from two years of too much presidential politics.

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