Friday, October 03, 2008

This Debate Was Brought To You By Any-Letter-But-The-Letter-G

A few things about last night's debate.

-- I urge both camps to read this article about the Vice Presidency.

-- John McCain's health care plan, according to Sarah Palin (Washington Outsider begging for an opportunity to be a Washington Insider), would allow Americans to shop for health insurance in other states. More choice, right? Ironic, right? Not really - this notion is more about choice of law for insurance companies than it is about choice of coverage for consumers. States will rush to establish insurance company friendly laws to encourage migration to whatever state becomes the Delaware of Insurance Companies. Any special protections established by your own state won't apply. It's the federal privitization of healthcare. You know, like socialized medicine, except for companies. It's typically Republican - check that - typically THIS current form of Republican because it is completely not about decentralizing government and returning powers to the states.

-- Sarah Palin hates the letter G. Does anyone have film of a time when she liked it more? Had you elected to take a shot each time Palin dropped the elitist consonant, you'd be dead by now. You've already, I'm sure, seen highlight reels of her folksy manners and catch phrases from last night. Apparentlty people who like baseball can't like books, after all. Palin's an odd sort of bridge to nowhere herself. Which brings us to the next point, which will, just so you know, get us back to this one, momentarily . . . .

-- Sarah Palin, and we can only assume, her ticket, doesn't care about the source of anything. History won't get in the way of her progressin' and debatin' and administratin'. She doesn't care about the causes of global warming. She doesn't care how we got into this war. She doesn't care about the series of words causing her to form answers (you know, you call them questions and you generally tailor your series of words to follow them). Source is unimportant. Yet she seems to forget her own history . . . .

-- Because, getting back to the point above the last, Palin's manner is only possible, only saleable, because of George Bush - you know, that guy behind the curtain who she so clearly indicated she wanted nothing to do with last night because the past has passed. But Bush's brand of stupid paved her way. His folksy ways, his downhome attitude, his seeming contempt for anyone with an education (nevermind his own, he got Cs, so it doesn't count, he was only there for the beer, toga! toga! toga!), his contempt for intellect, reason, deliberation. Palin plays on "Main Street" - whatever that is. For this SoCal girl, the only image I get is from Disneyland. A simulacrum. It simply doesn't exist and maybe it never did. At least not the way Palin imagines it. Because her main street is a sacred place inaccessible to anyone using the letter g.

Palin is right, of course, to want to distance herself from the Bush administration. Given her proclivity to ignore the source (in flagrant violation of Jack Pitney's cardinal rule of life: consider the source), the distancing must come easily. The problem is, however, her ignorance doesn't doom Palin to repeat history, it dooms us all.

Is there much from the last eight years you'd like to repeat?

Choose change. Choose smarts. Choose the letter g. Help Joe Sixpack go to college.

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