Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Style And Substance

I KNEW I should have tried on and/or purchased this when I saw it at H&M a week or so back. Michelle Obama wears it - and she has nearly impeccable style.

The above links are to a blog dedicated to a discussion of Mrs. O's style.

And yes, it's totally cool to fawn over her dress: she chooses what looks great on her while managing to both fit the Political Wife mold and smash it with nods to current style, youthful colors, and accessible designers/sources. Like J. Crew. She shops J. Crew!

And since no campaign reports have shown yet that the DNC or any campaign funds are going toward Obama family clothing purchases, she deserves actual credit and no criticism for her clothing purchases.

I want to go shopping with Michelle Obama. I want to go shopping with her because I know that, not only will she shop at stores within my means, not only would she understand my budgeting - having only recently paid off her own law school loans - she'll be looking for similar styles. We're both tall, pear-shaped (she has a better shape) women. AND, we could hit the food court and have an intelligent conversation about . . . well, just about anything, I'd assume. I can't imagine, on the other hand, having anything at all in common with Laura Bush or Cindy McCain - not enough to get through an engaging lunch chat over a Hot Dog on a Stick lemonade.

Is that like the "who would I want to have a beer with?" test? I don't think it is. Because I don't want a back-slapping drinking buddy.

I want to go shopping with Michelle Obama, who buys her own clothes and pays off her student loans and looks good nearly every day and is 5'11" and wears flats and heels.

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