Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Single Most Effective Statement Connecting Me To Barack Obama

If this statement, from a People Magazine profile of the Obamas, is true, the campaign is stupid for not making a much, much bigger deal out of it:

There clearly hasn't been much time for decorating [the Obama's Illinois home] since Barack and Michelle Obama, flush with cash from his best-selling memoirs, paid off their student loans and bought the house for $1.65 million in 2005.
Wow, really? They had student loans until that recently? Why should that surprise me - I know how much they spent on their educations and I know how slowly that student loan principal seems to go down with each monthly payment.

I think this slaps directly back at the baffling "elitist" label that Obama seems to carry so easily. McCain was born up, married upper, and remains pretty far up there. Sure, he may be a maverick jerk who doesn't need to be all braniac, but I haven't seen any ink on his struggles to pay for his education. Or anything else.

Obama worked his ass off from normal beginnings, wrote a book (even if you consider it a premature age at which to sell off one's memoirs), and was rewarded for his efforts.

I think that's great. And very American.

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