Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sarah Barracuda Hates You, Smartypants

I hate people who sneer at you if you have an education. Sarah Palin, argues this piece, is one of those people.

Why she's allowed to make Barack Obama seem like an entitled rich kid is beyond me. He's accomplished, yes. But that's "accomplished" not "born into it." Hell, I get annoyed at the kids who have everything too, but I try to keep things in perspective and at least find out if they really have everything or not.

I also super-hate the glorification of ignorance or stupidity, or the stupid trait of clinging to your positions because your fragile ego can't handle being wrong or admitting there may be something outside of your knowledge and experience worth knowing. Sarah Palin lacks confidence and it seems all around her will pay for being smarter, more educated, more deliberate, or just more fortunate. That's not very Christian of her, however.

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