Friday, October 31, 2008

Retro-Revival Post: My 2004 Halloween Costume Is A Lot Like My 2008 Costume

In 2004, I was a Republican for Kerry. Today, I'm still in a suit, but, since I'm a brown-haired girl with glasses, you can guess what I am.

It's amazing how much meaning can now be conveyed with a flag pin. And I don't mean patriotism. Flag pins don't really mean that for me anymore. They don't not mean patriotism, of course. They just mean a sort of co-opted patriotism that, if you listen to some, would specifically exclude me as unAmerican.

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Pazzer1 said...

It's sad here in England. We are being taken over, by so many factions. What's not said, is not unmeant. Patriotism seems to have been buried. We no longer praise our military. (God bless them, every day.)