Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh Wait! Me! Me! I Know!

Sarah Palin says she doesn't know why most women don't support her candidacy or why others believe she is unqualified to be vice president.

[waves hand uncontrollably in the air without waiting for speaker to finish in effort to be called on first as know the answer]

And - for funtime Halloween comparison purposes, two quotes from Palin's interview with ABC:

When asked why women aren't rallying to her, Palin said, "I don't look at polls, so I would not be able to answer that.

"But you have to consider that there has been the constant barrage, a kind of spin on the my record or my positions," Palin said. "Perhaps it would change someone's perception."
And, wait for it:

Vargas asked Palin if she continued to refer to Obama's relationships in order to suggest he was "un-American," an historically loaded term.

Palin said she was not calling Obama "un-American" but was calling attention to his record.

"[I'm] not calling him un-American. There is nothing wrong, though, with calling someone out on their record, their associations," she said. "The association issue here, it's not mean-spirited. It's not negative campaigning. It's important and fair to the electorate."

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