Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Would One Solution Be: Be Less Of A Mom?

This is a bit old now, but since the work/life balance question seems to be popular with Sarah "Totally Inane Candidate" Palin on the GOP ticket.

Concerns seem to fall evenly between whether her having time to devote to her job is paramount, or whether her having time to devote to ensuring her other daughters don't get pregnant too is paramount. The motherhood theme, however, is paramount, period.

Why can't she just be the secondary parent? That word, "secondary," sounds awfully pejorative in this context. I can't come up with a better one, however, to describe the traditional male role in families. We've moved a bit away from it (in this great time when both parents work full time because they can't afford anything and they still can't afford anything), but generally, there's a parent who spends more time parenting and one that spends more time working.

Why the hell can't Todd Palin take a break from snow-machinin' and look after the kids?

Who gives a shit what happens to her kids, for that matter. Chelsea came out fine and her parents were way more messed up. If the Palin kids don't have the seeds of getting-it-togeter-iveness already, then it's probably too late.

The questions themselves are fair to ask, however, especially when the GOP strategy seems to be: SARAH PALIN IS A DEVOTED WIFE AND MOTHER TO FIVE CHILDREN INCLUDING ONE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS AND ONE WHO, HEEDING GOD'S WORD ABOUT NO ABORTIONS, IS KNOCKED UP AFTER MISSING HIS NO-PREMARITAL SEX WORDS, but now you better effing stop talking about her beeing a wife and mother with special needs kids and a pregnant teen because you're a sexist, sexist, lipstick-free bastard.

The questions are also fair because honest discussions about work/life balance and how we define work and value what's being defined are important.

Of course, they have f*ck-all to do with who should be elected President.

Barack Obama should be elected president because I haven't seen three news articles and on-air pieces per day describing and debunking any lies (see eg: Airplane sold on Ebay, Bridge to Nowhere, etc).


Anonymous said...

This is why the Republicans win: with a little push, hard-core Democrats "flip out." It's not the Republican move that wins, it's the manical response from the Democratic "true believers" that alienates the independents and drives victory into the Republican camp.

And the MSM plays right along, more an ally of the "lost their mind" Dems than an independent reporter.

Every time Sally Quinn or any other hard-core Dem flips out over Pallin, another independent decides to vote Republican and the Republican candidate says "Thanks!"

By the way, Todd Pallin is on leave from his job and acting as primary caregiver. No need to swear at him for it.

And, as every average American knows, VP is NOT that demanding of a job -- it involves lots of travel and appearances. With kids not yet in school, that means lots of time with the kids in Air Force Two, with just a short break to make a speech and then fly home, again with the kids.

As I think you're trying to say, I agree this debate is sexist bunk. And the Republican strategists say "just as we planned."

Anonymous said...

I personally thought you might be about to advocate voting against Biden because of his plagiarizing and such.

Anonymous said...

Who would advocate against Biden for that? Me or the other Anon?

(Note: There's at least one or two active anons commenting again. MAKE UP A NAME or assign yourself a number. So much easier.)

The accusations against Biden are old and insincere.