Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The World Didn't End!

CERN turned on its new collider and we're still here, hooray! Totally safe! Wait, what?
If the new collider is a car, then what physicists did today was turn on an engine, that will now sit and warm up for a couple of months before anybody drives it anywhere. The first meaningful collisions, at an energy of 5 trillion electron volts, will not happen until late fall.
So we could still disappear in a puff of logic? Bummer. The article notes, however, that the CERN scientists are amused at the common man's concerns which come, they claim, from science fiction, not fact.

I believe them. What the hell do we know about colliders? I know nothing. Physicists welcome to comment, however.


Anonymous said...

You are right of course, but I still find myself a little bit nervous. Part of it (and this is the one small place your article was misleading) is that although the people filing a lawsuit to stop the experiment are loons, two of them are top notch scientists (who have filed bizarre lawsuits in the past). My problem is that I still remember that no one listened to Jor El on my favorite radio show and his planet blew up so I will probably be a little jittery for the next year or so.

choffee said...

I think this explains it:

cd said...

My article was mislead? I don't have an article, I have a post. Anyway . . . . don't see how I misled with the post either.

Anonymous said...

Your post only cited common men as the ones concerned, but never mentioned that there are legitimate scientists with those concerns.

cd said...

Right. Because I was referring to the linked-to article and I'm not an investigative reporter.